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Verification Nov 30, 2015 2:49:00 PM

Nov 30, 2015 2:49:00 PM

Verification engineering team in Morocco

Paul Martin has had to hit the ground running at Sondrel, having taken up the challenge of rapidly growing the company's verification engineering team, when he joined the company a few months ago. Since joining, Paul has seen the opening of the new design centre in Rabat, Morocco, and the Sondrel Xi'an design centre.

'I have seen the inside of a lot of hotel rooms and airport terminals recently, travelling to both Morocco and China to hand pick new engineers to join the front-end consulting team. It's important to get the right mix of experience and capabilities so that I can grow a strong team. I have concentrated on strengthening Sondrel engineering capabilities, selecting engineers with significant IP block and SoC functional verification skills. I am particularly focusing on building a team capable of working with the very latest verification methodologies that can really add value to our customers' projects. We are very fortunate to have found excellent engineers in Morocco where there is a core team that have already worked together for several years at an international semiconductor company, ST Microelectronics, and have expertise in the advanced methodologies needed for our business.' Paul Martin continued, 'They are a tight knit team and very supportive of each other, which is a great asset to us as a design services consultancy, where we work on multiple customer projects, and have to get up to speed quickly and efficiently. I often run into old friends from within the industry who are surprised we have a team in Morocco, but we have some real talent there, used to working in a very European way. We are located at a high-tech business park on the outskirts of the capital city and conveniently in the same time zone as our European customers. It’s far from what people might imagine! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the country and the people so far, and the customers that have visited have certainly appreciated the warm climate.'

One of the Moroccan team, Youssef Bakrim, described his engineering background. 'I joined ST in 2003 when they opened their design centre in Morocco, I was the first member of the Digital TV verification team and was involved in verifying all kinds of IP blocks like pixel processors and HDMI subsystems. For a time we were part of the ST-Ericsson JV and spent several years working on verifying high-end ARM based application processors for gaming and smartphone applications, this included the first ARM 64-bit designs. We got to work with colleagues and customers all over Europe and the US which was a great experience. Many of the people I was working with at ST are now working with Sondrel, so we work well together as a team and know each other’s strengths. Throughout our time at ST we were continually adopting the latest verification methodologies like eRM, OVM, UVM and even formal verification. We were right on the leading edge. Sondrel works with customers worldwide on a variety of challenging IC design projects so we hope that we can put our skills to good use and continue to evolve new ones. We are really pleased that Sondrel has come to Morocco and we are excited to be part of the new venture. This is very important for Morocco as it gives us a fantastic opportunity to continue to develop our careers in microelectronics. There is a good pool of engineering talent in Morocco and we hope that some of them will want to join us.’

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