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Careers Blog - SoC Design & Pool Tables

Project Management and the Knowledge Areas – Cost

‘Merry Christmas’... and Gifts of New Year Job Opportunities from our Sondrel Recruiter

Mentor U2U: A Presentation on Metric Driven Verification

A Career at Sondrel - An Exciting Place to Work...

Google & Microsoft Machine Vision Projects Presented @BMVC2017

Project Presentations @British Machine Vision Conference 2017

Trends & Innovations @ British Machine Vision Conference 2017

The Security of RF Devices - Investigating Products at Home

Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance - A Conference Report

Sondrel Helps Local School Present an IoT Business Idea at the 'Cultivate' Final

Guest Blog by Imec: De-risking Technology Choice

Machine Vision SoC Design - in 16nm

Graphics and Multimedia Processor Design – From Black and White TV sets to Virtual Reality… and beyond

Design Case Study: M2M IoT ASIC for Zigbee

Project Management and the Knowledge Areas – Schedule

Design & Verification for a Complex FPGA

'WHAT' - Hackathon. Innovating in the French Riviera

Project Management and the Knowledge Areas – Scope

Guest Blog Post from Sondrel Partner ARM: The 3 Biggest Myths about Creating a Custom SoC

Building an IoT Chip? Avoid the Snakes & Climb the Ladders of the Semiconductor Supply Chain.

An evening at the IoT 'Coalface' with Thames Valley Meetup

International Experience for 2 Young Physical Design Engineers

IC Design: 从28纳米转向16/14纳米工艺对物理实现流程的影响

Project Management and the Knowledge Areas – Divide and Conquer

RTL2GDSII: Using CCD Optimisation to Harden Processor Cores to 1GHz

Low Power IC Design - Targeting Best Possible Power Performance

RTL2GDSII Design Impact in Moving from 28nm to 16/14nm

Proving your IoT Application with Working Silicon

Project Management & Process Groups – Divide and Conquer

Implementation Techniques of IP Cores for Optimum PPA Results

Power Integrity Verification - for Reliable Power Control Networks

Functional Verification Techniques for your SoC Design 

Top 5 Takeaways from Project Management Training

The Benefits of a Physical Design Flow & Methodology

IC Design Techniques for Power Management

Physical Design - Package Substrate Simulations at Advanced Nodes

Key Considerations when Designing a SoC for Automotive

Introducing the DfT Team for Sondrel Morocco

Use Formal Verification Methods to 'Shift Left' with your IC Design.

Getting Your 'Dft For Automotive' Strategy Right First Time

Sondrel Verification team Up and Running

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